About Us

With over 50 construction projects running simultaneously every day in the tri-state area, Esposito Construction’s over 400 employee workforce is comprised of top-quality engineers, project managers, operators, laborers, and safety professionals. Each employee is focused on completing every construction project with efficiency, as well as safety in mind.

Our clients are in almost every sector of construction and include developers, general contractors, municipalities, and government agencies. Esposito Construction specializes in all aspects of infrastructure construction including site development, paving, concrete, crushing, trucking, environmental, and snow services.

Our History
When a couple of young guys got together and formed a small company to make some money by power washing and staining decks, little did they know that an accidental deck stain spill on a customer’s driveway would be the catalyst for starting Esposito Construction. Of course, they cleaned up the spill by resealing the driveway, and the customer was very happy with the job they did. After that clean up, a light bulb went off, and within two weeks they had bought a seal coating franchise. By the end of the summer, they were putting blacktop into the back of their pickup trucks to fill potholes, and by the following summer, had bought a dump truck, and expanded into driveway paving. Within three years, Esposito Construction had become the largest driveway contractor in New Jersey. This eventually led to expanding into site work, and over the past decade Esposito Construction has become one of the fastest growing construction companies in New Jersey.

Our Future
As Esposito Construction continues to grow by adding equipment and the most qualified construction professionals to their employee roster, there are no infrastructure projects that are too large for the team to handle. While the company continues to focus on their core services of site development, excavation, utilities, concrete, and paving, it continues to forge new roads into environmental services.